Welcome to our Many Paws Global Rescue’s FAQ page! We understand that adopting a furry friend is a significant decision, and you likely have questions about the process, our organization, and how you can make a positive impact on the lives of dogs and cats in need. Below, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with the information you need to embark on this rewarding journey of pet adoption and rescue. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us directly. Thank you for considering rescue and giving a loving home to a dog or cat in need!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)


What is  Many Paws Global Rescue all about?

Many Paws Global  Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of dogs and cats around the world. We strive to provide a better life for animals in need by offering them a chance for a loving forever home.

How can I adopt a pet?

To adopt a pet, please visit our website and navigate to the “Adopt” section. Browse through the available animals, and once you find a furry friend that steals your heart, follow the adoption application process outlined on the page.  Please note our website is not mobile friendly so applications must be completed on a desktop or laptop computer.

What is the adoption process like?

Our adoption process involves an application form.  Once the application is received, one of our volunteers will review the application and call the references listed, landlord  or association, if applicable, and your vet reference if one is listed.  This is to ensure the environment is suitable for the pet. If the application is approved, you will be contacted by a volunteer to meet the pet and, if all goes well, finalize the adoption.  Please remember we are all volunteers who do have full time jobs and families.  We do our very best to follow up on applications and inquiries in a timely manner.

Can I adopt if I live outside Illinois?

Yes. Many Paws Global Rescue facilitates out of state adoptions. However, additional requirements and considerations may apply. In addition, we will do have the capabilities to arrange travel nor will that be taken into consideration as part of their adoption fee.

Do you accept donations?

Yes, we greatly appreciate any and all donations to support our rescue efforts. Visit the “Donate” section on our website to contribute. Your generosity helps us provide food, medical care, and shelter to animals in need.  In addition, do accept donations in the form of gently used bedding/towels, toys, bowls and food, among other items.

What countries does Many Paws Global Rescue partner with?

Many Paws Global Rescue operates globally, working in collaboration with partners and local organizations to rescue and rehome animals in various countries. Our focus is on regions with high populations of stray and abandoned animals.  We work closely with partner organizations in Kosovo and Korea.  In addition, we are looking to expand  our international relations with other countries in the future.  This is in addition to helping numerous animals local to us.

Why do we rescue animals from other countries and what does the process entail for international importing?

Some countries face significant challenges with stray and overpopulated dog and cat populations. International rescues may focus on areas where there is a high number of homeless animals in need of care and attention.   In addition, in some regions, there may be a lack of local resources, including veterinary care, shelters, and adoption programs. International rescues can step in to provide assistance and alleviate the burden on local communities.  We work closely with the USDA to ensure all of our animals meet the necessary requirements in order to enter America.

Do we accept owner surrenders?

Yes. However we require proof of medical history as well as a temperament test before we agree to take the animal.  In addition, owner surrenders are based on having an available foster home, which can take time.

How does the intake process work?

There are many ways we intake animals.  One of the most common is now working with the Palatine Police Department for the local strays found. They will do their stray hold with MPGR and then become available for adoption if not claimed.

Another common situation occurs when a group of animals arrives from another organization, such as those affected by floods or wildfires across the country. Animals that cross state lines must undergo a veterinary examination before transportation. We rely on this documentation to determine the breed and health status of the animals we receive.

Are all of the animals on your website available for adoption immediately?

Yes.  We strive to keep a current list of all of our available animals on our website and have a great team of volunteers that ensure we correctly assess each animal as they come in.

Are all animals spayed/neutered before adoption?

No.  Not all of them.  Some of our animals stay at a local boarding and daycare facility until we find them foster or forever homes.  We do not spay or neuter while they stay there.  The spay/neuter is included in the adoption fee.  We give you a list of animal hospitals we have rescue partnership with.  Should you elect to use a Veterinarian that is not on our approved list, we will only reimburse you what our rescue pricing cost is

What are your adoption fees and what is included in them?

Our adoption fees can be found when you click the link on the dog or cat you like.  Certain dogs and cats do have higher adoption fees due to being international transports or being kittens or puppies, specialty breeds and poodle mixes.  We use the additional funds to help offset medical costs for those that need additional vet services and to help lower the adoption fees of bully breeds and long term dogs as they are often overlooked.

How can I volunteer?

We are always looking for help! If you’d like to be a foster, please fill out the form on our website. You don’t even need to list a specific animal.

We also need help managing our social media, website, adoption events, fundraising.  If any of these sound interesting to you, please send an email to info@manypawsglobalrescue.org.  Thank you!!


If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our team through the provided channels on our website. Thank you for your support in making a difference in the lives of dogs and cats around the world!